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Shipping and Delivery

You've placed an order and you're frantically rearranging your room to find the perfect spot for your new tapestry. But what happens next?

Once an order is placed, our team will collect your items from the heavens and package them with love and hugs. Although we will get your package shipped as soon as possible, please wait up to 72 hours for our team to finish processing your order.

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a magical tracking number. There will also be a link you can click to track your order easily.

There will be a 'Track Order' button directly on your shipping confirmation email. Whenever you're curious and want to see where your order is, head back to the shipping confirmation email.

If you haven't receive a shipping email yet, your order is still being processed. Please be patient as our fulfillment team works tirelessly to get your order shipped.

Worried that your order was lost in transit? If your order isn't showing up through the tracking link, your tracking number may update to advise of delayed delivery date.

Please give the tracking number time to update. If your item still hasn't been delivered within 30 days, please contact us immediately so we can solve the issue.

Accidentally put in the wrong shipping address? As long as your order isn't shipped out already, we'll be happy to change the shipping address. Send us an email with the new order details and we'll make the modification to your order.

Although we started in Chicago, we've hired designers from all around the globe. Our tapestries are also loved all around the globe! We accommodate the majority of countries outside of the USA.

Product Questions

We are just as excited as you are for you to receive your new tapestry. We've wrapped up your new tapestry in a resealable plastic casing. This ensures that your tapestry doesn't get wrinkled during its journey to your home. We also include a QR code card that contains a free gift ;).

Our incredible tapestries come in three different sizes.

-170x150cm (5.58 feet wide and 4.92 feet tall)
-180x150cm (5.90 feet wide and 4.92 feet tall)
-225x150cm (7.38 feet wide and 4.92 feet tall)

With a height of about 5 feet tall, you can comfortably cover the wall above your bed or desk.

You should avoid using a washing machine or submerging your tapestry in a water bath. Even on gentle cycles and with gentle detergent, the stress can damage the fibers and affect the dye.

If your tapestry is deeply stained, we recommend taking it to a dry cleaner. For minor stains, we recommend being extremely careful and spot treating with a gentle laundry soap bar.

To remove wrinkles, you can iron your tapestry on the highest iron setting. However, we advise you to put a towel or thick sheet over the tapestry to avoid any burn marks from the iron.

Missed out on your favorite design? Don't worry, we continuously restock all of our designs. So keep an eye on the website for when they'll be available again.

We love hearing/seeing ideas and suggestions from our community! Please send us your artistic vision and we'll try to bring your idea to life! However, we can't guarantee your design will be created, and we're not offering custom designs currently.

Our tapestries are constructed with a premium cotton and polyester blend. This offers extremely high durability with an incredible print that will last over a decade.

Our items are only sold on our online store, so we do not offer wholesale discounts for reselling. If you are looking to make a personal bulk purchase, please email us at for more information!

Have someone in mind that deserves an incredible tapestry? Pleshy offers the perfect gifts! You can ship the item directly to your lucky friend by entering their address as the shipping address. Then, enter your own address as the billing address.

Don't panic! If you're having trouble adding an item to your cart, the item is likely sold out. Try your next favorite design or wait until we restock the sold out one.

Accidentally put in the wrong shipping address? As long as your order isn't shipped out already, we'll be happy to change the shipping address. Send us an email with the new order details and we'll make the modification to your order.

Returns and Exchanges

We do offer returns for 30 days after the item reaches its destination. However, not all items are eligible. Any exclusions will be mentioned on product pages and/or at checkout.

To be eligible for a return:

1. Item(s) have to be initiated for return within 30 days of delivery or receiving of order.

2. Item(s) must be in original packaging.

This includes any tags, cards, or wrapping. You will be asked to provide a photo of the item you want to send back so we can assess the condition of the order.

Contact with your order details to begin the returns process.

We understand that you may have forgotten about the return even though the item is still in mint condition. This is why we offer a 30 day return period to get your item shipped back to us. Please refer to our 'Delivery and returns' policy for more information

Sadly, we know that our tapestries may not be the right fit for everyone. So you can definitely return your Pleshy to us for a full refund, provided it is returned within 30 days of delivery.

*Please note: all items must be returned in as new condition, with the card and original packaging.

Another design catch your eye? It happens - there are just too many incredible patterns to choose from. You can absolutely return your tapestry to us in exchange for a new design, provided it is returned within 30 days.

*Please note: all items must be returned in as new condition, with the card and original packaging.

It depends. Pleshy will only provide a free return shipping label if you provide evidence that your product is defective or if there is another issue with your product. Please contact for your info.

We are working extremely hard behind the scenes to get our tapestries in and out of our fulfillment centers. We strongly recommend that you send a photo of your receipt from the post office as proof your return was processed. As soon as your return comes in, we'll process your return immediately.

We're sad to lose you! If your refund was successfully processed, you will receive an email confirming it was processed on our end. It will then take 2-5 business days to process into your bank account.


Your security and privacy is our highest priority at Pleshy. We use Shopify Payments which is an extremely secure and encrypted payment system designed to protect customers and also hold merchants accountable.

We accept the standard payment methods, such as credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) as well as debit cards. We also offer GooglePay and ApplePay too!

If payday is just a bit too far away and you want to get your new Pleshy tapestry sooner, we offer a payment plan. This allows you to make the payment in a series of 4 different payments.

Discount codes make online shopping way more fun! If you have a discount code you're excited to use, simply head to our checkout page. There will be a box for you to enter your discount code in - make sure your click 'Apply' and you see how much you saved with the discount code.

If you forgot to use your discount code and already made a purchase, don't worry! Simply email our lovely Pleshy team at and we will be happy to correct this issue for you.

All pricing for our store is listed in United States Dollars (USD).

Contact Us

Something bugging you about your order? Don't worry, our friendly Pleshy team is here to save the day!

Please contact us at with details about the issue. We also request that you include photos so we can help figure out what happened.

Don't worry! We understand that things change in the blink of an eye. Please email us immediately with the subject line 'CHANGE' or 'CANCEL' and we will do whatever we can to help you. If your order has already left our fulfillment center, you will need to go through our returns process.

We do our absolute best to get your order to you quickly. This means your order may already be processed before we get the chance to change the item. We cannot guarantee a change of order after the order is placed so please select your products carefully.

Although we'd love to FaceTime with each and every one of you, this would be impossible. The best way to reach us is through email at This allows us to keep a paper trail for our conversation so we can always remember what you need help with. Please be patient after you send your inquiry. We will work as quickly as possible to get back to you.

We strive to improve in any way possible and would love to hear your feedback. We also love seeing pictures with your room transformation before and after Pleshy. If you have any feedback for us, please send us a message at

Need More Help?

Send us a message at if you have any further questions!

Email is the best way of contacting us so we can store our conversation with you in one convenient location.