CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug

Pleshy Rainbow Rug - pleshy
Pleshy Rainbow Rug - pleshy
Pleshy Rainbow Rug - pleshy
Pleshy Rainbow Rug - pleshy

CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug

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Softer than the Clouds

The CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug is the softest piece of carpet you've ever felt. Made with our patented faux fur blend, we won't be surprised if you fall asleep on the CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug. 

More than just a beautiful decoration, the CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug adds an extra element of comfort and style. Literally, step into a new vibe every time you enter your bedroom with your CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug. 

Is it actually that soft?

We're not kidding around when we say it's softer than a cloud. If you're like us, you think that hardwood floors in bedrooms are unnatural. Bedrooms should have carpet or rugs, not tiles or wooden planks. 

Take a step into the heavens with the CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug. Your feet will thank you, guaranteed. 

How can I clean my CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug?

You can safely vacuum your CloudVibes™ Rainbow Rug to clean mild dust and dirt. For a deeper clean, we recommend wiping the rug with a damp cloth and mild soap. Then, allow the rug to airdry before using it again.