Glowbuddy™ - pleshy
Glowbuddy™ - pleshy
Glowbuddy™ - pleshy
SUN-E Light™ - pleshy
SUN-E Light™ - pleshy
SUN-E Light™ - pleshy
SUN-E Light™ - pleshy


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Create the perfect mood

The Glowbuddy™ brings sunset lighting to a whole new level. 


 Adjustable Brightness - Choose your light level
 Rechargeable - comes with charging cable cable
✅ 7 colors - Find your perfect lighting
✅ Rotatable Head - Fully adjustable projection angle

Package Includes

🎁 Charging cable

Give your room a glow up

Are you tired of waiting for golden hour? You'll never have to wait again with the Glowbuddy™; designed to mimic different sunset lighting and look cute while doing it. 

Choose between 7 color options, some displayed below.

Control with the touch of a button

The Glowbuddy™ comes ready to go! Simply press the power button located on the top of its head to power on the Glowbuddy™. 

Also, swap through colors by tapping the button and adjust the brightness by holding it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is the Glowbuddy™ powered?
The Glowbuddy™ comes with a charging cable and is rechargeable, allowing it to stand on its own without being plugged in.

Q: Does the Glowbuddy™ change colors?
Yes, you have 7 color options to choose from.

Q: Does it cover a whole wall?
The Glowbuddy™ covers a wide area and creates a beautiful backlight for photos. We recommend multiple Glowbuddy™ for maximum creative possibilities.