Mini WiFi Projector 2.0

Mini WiFi Projector 2.0 - pleshy
Mini WiFi Projector 2.0 - pleshy
Mini WiFi Projector 2.0 - pleshy
Mini WiFi Projector 2.0 - pleshy
Mini WiFi Projector 2.0 - pleshy
Mini WiFi Projector 2.0 - pleshy

Mini WiFi Projector 2.0

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Netflix and Chill Just Got a Whole New Meaning

The Mini WiFi Projector is the perfect bedroom essential for anyone without a TV. Connect your phone or plug in an HDMI cord, point it at a ceiling or wall, turn off the lights, and enjoy a relaxing night gazing into the high-quality display of the Mini WiFi Projector.

Fitting into the palm of your hand, you can place Mini WiFi Project in any nook and cranny of your room. It's also perfect for traveling and portability. 


✅ Built-in WiFi - Easily connect your phone through screen mirroring 
✅ HD Projection - Full HD 1080 image quality
 Incredibly Bright - The bulbs feature 3,000 lumens
 Color Enhancement - Enjoy a vivid range of beautiful colors
✅ Built-in Speakers - Loud and immersive speakers


What's Included?

The Mini WiFi Projector comes with:

🎁 Mini WiFi Projector
🎁 Power cable
🎁 Remote
🎁 Instruction Manual

How Can I Connect My Devices?

You can use the Mini WiFi Projector like a standard TV. Although our favorite way is to screen mirror our phones, you can also connect your tablet, smartphone, or computer using the USB and HDMI ports.

Gamers can rejoice as the Mini WiFi projector is compatible with all gaming systems. Simply plug the HDMI cord into the Mini WiFi Projector's back HDMI port.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Bedroom?

No matter how your bedroom is set up, you can find the perfect viewing distance for your Mini WiFi Projector.

Simply face the projector toward an empty wall or ceiling and move the focusing adjustment tool on the side of the projector until the picture quality is crystal clear. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I use my Mini WiFi Projector?
You should treat the Mini WiFi Projector just like a TV or computer monitor. Therefore, you can connect it to any device.

Q: Does the remote come with batteries?
We'd love to ship batteries for you, but shipping restrictions on lithium batteries make this complicated. You'll need to get 2 AAA batteries for the remote.

Q: Is the picture quality actually good?
You'll be impressed at how clear the picture quality looks for such a small and compact projector. Use the focusing tool on the side of the projector to focus the image. We recommend placing the projector about 10 feet from your wall or ceiling.