Neon Planet Sign

Neon Planet Sign - pleshy
Neon Planet Sign - pleshy

Neon Planet Sign

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"She had galaxies in her eyes, a universe in her mind"

Is there anything more imaginative and beautiful as outer space? The Neon Planet Sign takes your room to an entirely new galaxy.

How do I power it on?

There are two ways to power on the Neon Planet Sign. You can either plug the included USB cable into a wall outlet or computer. Or, you can insert 3 AA batteries (not included) into the battery box.

Then, you can simply use the on/off switch to turn on the Neon Planet Sign.

However, don't plug the light into a USB outlet if there are batteries inside the battery box. Use one method or the other.

How do I hang it on my wall?

The Neon Planet Sign comes with one hanging hole hook you can use to hang it on your wall. You can also lay it down on a drawer or table to bring good energy to your work or study area.

Size: 11.8" x 6.9"