Spacebuddy Mini™

Spacebuddy Mini™ - Pleshy
Spacebuddy Mini™ - Pleshy
Spacebuddy Mini™ - Pleshy
Spacebuddy Mini™ - Pleshy
Spacebuddy Mini™ - Pleshy
Spacebuddy Mini™ - Pleshy

Spacebuddy Mini™

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Meet the Spacebuddy's little brother

 Multiple Galaxy Effects - 11 dynamic color projections
 Nightlight Mode - Two timing modes: 40min, 90min
✅ 360° Projection - Cover your entire room
Star Only Mode - Toggle both stars or galaxy projections on or off

Package Includes

🎁 Spacebuddy Mini™
🎁 Remote Control (requires 2 AAA batteries)
🎁 USB-C Power Cable
🎁 Instruction Manual

Hey may be small but he knows how to fill a room😁

8 Unique Galaxy Projections

The light can be rotated to your desired position using the magnetic swivel mechanism built into the Spacebuddy Mini™ helmet.

This projector has 4 levels of brightness, 2 working modes (galaxy projection with or without stars), and 8 galaxy colors.

Exploring outer space just got a lot easier with the all-new Spacebuddy Mini™.

Fit in to every room😍

No matter where you go, the Spacebuddy Mini™️ is a great addition to the squad. Don't keep the same old boring room when you can easily make it galacticly awesome!!! The Spacebuddy Mini™ is your friendly guide to space exploration and seeing the stars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I turn on my Spacebuddy Mini™?
Plug the included USB-C power cable into a wall adapter or USB port on your computer.

Q: Does the remote come with batteries?
We'd love to ship batteries for you, but shipping restrictions on lithium batteries make this complicated. You'll need to get 2 AAA batteries.

Q: Does it shine all over the room or only the ceiling?
The Spacebuddy Mini™ covers a wide area as long as it's placed far away from your ceiling. Turn your bedroom into a galactic horizon.